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Welcome to Dallas Elite Video. We are your go to choice for the best Dallas video production company. Whether you’re developing a personal brand project, capturing a special event, or looking for pro-level HD marketing and advertising promos and commercials, our decades of combined experience means we know how to work with any type of project in any scenario and create an outstanding result every time. We are locally owned and operated and provide full-service video production options including: commercial video; business videos; aerial and drone videos; wedding  photography and videography; event photography; real estate video services; and even live streaming video production options for influencers.


We know the production process inside and out, and take the same care and attention to detail with your product as we would our own projects. We’re passionate about the industry and assure you the best customer service possible while considering all your concerns and visions to create something that exceeds your expectations. We greatly appreciate the chance to earn your business and referrals and will do everything we can to give you a something that will blow your mind.

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Expert Video Services

We’ve been in the industry for years and also consider ourselves on the cutting edge of tech, software, and editing styles that produce next-level content and impress your audience in 2021 and beyond. We have worked with every type of projects possible over the years and know what it takes to work with different settings, scenarios and expectations to produce a product that fits the feel you’re looking for. It takes attention to detail and a sixth-sense to capture the message and experience you’re looking for. Whether you need a small business promo video, high production value commercial, or important milestone event such as a wedding or birthday, or skills, equipment add customer service will provide you with a great result and an unbeatable Elite experience.


The best equipment. Artisans editors. With years of experience we know what gets that perfect picture to create the wow factor.

Organized; thorough; detailed and friendly. We make your project a wonderful experience with amazing results.

We take projects personally. We’re in this for the art and to create something that makes a difference for us all. Let’s have some fun and make it epic!

Featured Services

commercial videography team shoots video in Dallas

Commercial Videography

Commercial videography requires a keen knowledge about planning procedures and coordination with bigger teams and state-of-the-art equipment. We can take on any challenge when it comes to television and corporate commercial production.

Event videography

Event Videography

Whether you're looking for a festival promo real, large-scale birthday, concert video documentation, or large corporate event video, we ensure an outstanding result and the highest level of production value and professionalism.

Image of a videographer shooting footage of the interior of a house.

Real Estate Videography

Real estate buyers begin online - it's essential you have video to showcase your properties. Putting together your video portfolio can be a lot of work and we offer extensive video and photography services for real estate agents to give you an edge above your competition.

Dallas wedding videographers

Wedding Videography

The wedding photographer holds an important role during the big day. It's important to have the perfect photos as well as an expert who's easy to work, with while creating a remarkable compilation of media for your wedding.

Dallas drone photographers

Drone Videography

Whether you're a real estate agent looking to capture images and video of a property or looking for some awesome shots some awesome Landscaping shots we have you covered with our expert drone operator


We are experts in all areas of media and film, add are complete photography experts ready to shoot any event or special day. We offer competitive pricing and, as usual, complete Elite standards of service and professionalism.

Image of our staff at Dallas Elite Video shoowing some footage out in a parking lot.

About Us

Dallas Elite Video is comprised of a passionate team dedicated to the world of photography and videography. Our experts are all professionally trained and eat, sleep and breathe our craft. We love to serve the Dallas community and love creating projects that help make you or your business amazing. Contact our friendly staff to discuss your project let’s make the vision real!


Videography and photography, although not the same and require their own levels of expertise, go hand-in-hand. With today’s equipment an expert needs to understand the dynamics of both since quality Equipment is capable of shooting both fantastic still shots as well as HD video. We are photography Pros add enjoy shooting all of the landmarks in Scenic spots in Dallas.


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We truly love what we do and are excited for every project that passes our way as it’s an opportunity to meet and work with wonderful people and create something completely unique and amazing for you. We understand how important great video and photos are for just about everything these days, and go above and beyond to make sure your experience is truly an Elite one. We’re happy to answer any and all questions and help coach about what the best options are. Call us today to chat with one of our friendly staff.

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